The Mothership has landed

Well, here it is, my first post. What is this blog going to be about you ask? Music. That’s it, no politics (unless musically slanted), no food critiques, no rambling on and on about why I think American Idol should be banned in all countries. I do, but that’s not music now is it? This is my space and as such, I will talk about what I think is good music. If you disagree, you can do one of two things: #1 leave a comment wearing your best internet flamewear. #2 You can screw the proverbial pooch. On second thought, if you disagree, just disregard that first suggestion and we’ll all be better off.

This blog was born out of necessity. Frankly, I fear for the little ones. Ok, let me clarify I don’t like children. They’re nasty, stinky little money sponges, but I do harbor a growing concern for their musical selections. It seems with each passing generation musical taste and appreciation swims its way to the shallowest end of the aural pool. Am I a snob, you’re damn right I am. If you have issues with that please revert to suggestion #2.

Is this blog here to educate? Maybe. But really, who pays attention to these things anyway, so ultimately this is for me and my equally snobbish friends. So, what you’ll see here is lists, reviews, musings and anything else I see fit to write about on the subject. But at the end of the day if one person says to themselves “Wow, I think I really do like “insert band here, how is it I’ve been wasting my time trying to argue that Slipknot is actually talented?”, then I will feel vindicated.

So, strap on your cans and enjoy.