Writer’s block? Try monolith

You’re probably wondering why there is very little content filling up this corner of the interwebs. Seeing as I am the soul incarnate of procrastination, that should give you a little clue. Do I have anything important to say? Probably not. I do have a few seeds that may or may not germinate. The problem is I, more often than not, piss all over them instead of giving them the light and water they need to grow.

I was talking to a friend via IM just moments ago about this same problem. This is what transpired.

me: How does one’s blog even get read? It’s not like Im going to pimp it.
Jenyfer: I’ll be your pimp baby you just work and bring Mama all your $$
me: haha just don’t burn with coat hangers.
Jenyfer: I don’t mark up my boys….I need them pretty
I’ll send the link to *names omitted for fear of sheer embarrassment*…will that help?
me: Sure. That’s up to you my dear.
Jenyfer: I have no problem pimpin you baby, you are sweet meat
me: well dont I feel like a slab of death. hahaha
Jenyfer: hahaha
Jenyfer: I have a few more people I could tell I don’t know how much influence I have…ZILCH but its worth a shot
me: I suppose i need some content. haha
Jenyfer: you better work!
me: I have no ideas. grrr. that’s the problem
Jenyfer: new art brut, go
me: Don’t have it yet. haha and I really don’t want to be this record review type writer. I find that a tad boring.

Jenyfer: pfft you can talk about what an awesome collab it is because IT IS
me: but that’s probably been done ad nauseum already. I’ll come up with something I’m sure.
Jenyfer: just think about it a minute
me: I hate the reviews that just compare this sound to that sound…blah blah blah. Yawn fest.
Jenyfer: you’ll come up with something
me: Look how much i know about music that i can reference an old 60’s band with this new artist? Fuck off pretentious wanker. haha I should just post this chat. haha
Jenyfer: that would be perfect and I AM NOT A WANKER heh
me: haha I didn’t say you were. Besides your a cantankerous bitch.
Jenyfer thats right. 

It’s a start.


Comical at best

I thought this was funny. While clicking away at Stumbleupon.com I found this little gem. Worth a read if only for the comedic value. Although some of the entries are so true you can set your watch to them.

Tee hee