Constant reminder

Certain songs and/or albums when listened to, immediately convey a place, a feeling, a time or more specifically a person.  These are just a few songs that fit into that category for me. I’ll leave it up to you to guess which selection they should be filed under.

  • The Raveonettes – Uncertain Times
  • Yaz – Only You
  • XTC – That Wave
  • Aztec Camera – Oblivious
  • Slowdive – Option One
  • Smiths – Hand In Glove
  • Stranglers – Golden Brown
  • Secret Machines – First Wave Intact
  • Of Montreal – It’s Just So
  • Talk Talk – I Believe In You
  • BoB Marley – Three Little Birds
  • Love & Rockets – Saudade
  • Kate Bush – Aerial
  • Peter Murphy – The Sweetest Drop
  • Bjork – Cocoon

I suppose I should end here. I could easily map out my entire life via song, but the aforementioned are what’s been on a constant loop in my mind’s music player lately.

Tune in tomorrow for Five By Five Part 2.



  1. Hmm.. I wondered why you blip that Yaz song so much. I do agree it really is a damn good song.

  2. I have to say, Hand in Glove is my all time favourite Smiths song…I’m glad to see it’s special to you as well.

  3. I love Kate Bush’s newest work. I played it every day for at least a year straight. But I tend to do that because I obsess!

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