Five By Five: Week Two

It’s that time again kiddies. Five albums in five words or less. Ready, steady, go!


The Raveonettes
Pretty In Black
Because it’s cool Daddy-O!



Beach House

Three words: Heart Of Chambers.



Pale Fountains
Pacific Street

The Smiths meet The Housemartins.



The Secret Machines
Now Here Is Nowhere

Boom Boom goes the drum!



The Phoenix Foundation
Happy Ending

C’mon, a song about Gandalf!

There’s your five for the week, but I must mention another “band” I stumbled across this weekend. The Sonic Executive Sessions aren’t really a band in the traditional sense, but a group of studio journeymen that record songs during their down time. With an obvious nod to Jellyfish, these guys need to put out an album right now! Check out their MySpace page and give them a listen.



  1. I am deeply in lust with the Raveonettes!!
    See, I could go along with the whole of the “music snob” match-making…but really, have you seen some of what gets blipped?!


    At least some of us have standards!


    • I just assumed you were aware I was speaking of “those in the know”. haha

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