Strangeways Here We Come

The internet is a very strange animal. You can obtain virtually anything your heart desires. Soap, movies, macrame, old toys, alligator boots, bags, books, music, blah blah blah. You get the idea. What many people seem to forget or completely turn their nose up at, is finding friendship online. There’s such a stigma attached to it. I’m sure some of you are getting all goose-bumpy just thinking about it.

But with wide-spread acceptance of what the “professionals” like to call Social Networking, it’s much more acceptable to form relationships online, be they for business, friendship or romantic. Which leads me to my point of this posting. Faster than usual I might add. Look at me, I’m growing. A friend of mine (who I initially met online) has decided to fly in the face of danger and start a record label. I think when he started this venture he had a coif Samson would have died for. Well, everything has a price.

Now we’ve come to the heart of the matter. Some of you may have seen through my ruse. Yes, it’s true. This post is nothing but a shameless plug. Even I’m not above such a thing, but since I strongly believe in what he’s trying to accomplish, I will always stand on the street corner in my best leather skirt and heels.

So without any more jawing from me I give you:


On Another Note Presents:  LAUNCH PARTY!!!!!


……………… the image……………….

I’d still pimp this, even if I didn’t design the poster. 😉
Hope to see you all there!!!

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